van·a·bond [van-uh-bond]

1. a budget traveler of the extreme variety.

2. a specialist in creative vehicle conversions, spontaneous road trips, and serendipitous meetings.

3. a wandering seeker of friendship, adventure, and art.

2 thoughts on ““vanabond”

  1. I fear that my last message was ill recieved. When I described you as hopelessly Californian, it was meant to be a compliment. There is something intrinsically Californian about you (though you hail from Nebraska). I do very personally identify with that great state you know, I was born there after all…. Anyway, I enjoy checking in on you from time to time. I find your adventures and you rather amazing. I am married now and have an increadible little girl who will no doubt be as free a spirit as you have turned out to be. Write me a note if you wish, and take care please. J

    • Hi John,

      I just figured out how to reply to comments on this blog tonight! Thanks for reading. I don’t mind being “hopelessly Californian” at all. Congrats on your little girl :) Wonder where you live now ….

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